Your Logo Isn’t So Important

Terone Allen
Sep 21, 2020

It’s true, your logo is often the first impression people will get of your brand, and first impressions are important. But it’s not going to be the thing that people remember. Most people can’t recollect the logos of brands they come across daily.

Does this mean your logo is useless? Of course not! A logo is still an essential element in expressing a brand identity, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. And there is a much larger piece that should be developed before you DM a designer telling them, “I need a logo.”

Your logo will never be as important as your story.

While your logo is a vital element of projecting your brand’s identity, your story is your brand’s identity. Your story is the “meaning of life” for your brand. It’s what connects people to the reason why you’re in business, and it transports people beyond what you’re selling by plunging them into why you’re selling.

Camera recording woman being interviewed, "Your story is the meaning of life for your brand"

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What made you decide to start your business?

What values do you live by that are being reflected in your business?

What about your target audience made you choose to serve them over others?

What is your business going to bring to the world that will change the lives of your audience?

Asking these types of questions will help you convey a belief system with your story. The people that will be loyal and support your brand for a lifetime are those that share your beliefs.

People’s buying decisions are influenced by numerous things that can be swayed by factors like price, customer experience, ratings, and the economic climate. But the one thing that is nearly impossible to bend is a person’s belief system.  79% of consumers want to know brands care about them before buying, and if you share their beliefs then you are one of them—You are tribe.

Woman shopping in supermarket, "79% of consumers want to know brands care about them before buying"

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The Clean Up

A well-developed logo will attract sales for your brand. A well-developed story will attract ambassadors for your brand, giving you a personal sales team whose commission is basically standing by their principles.

If that’s the kind of customer loyalty you want, then identify and develop how you’ll tell your story. If you do that first, you will empower your logo even more.

But until you do that, your logo isn’t so important.

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