Ways to Turn Your Catering Business into a Memorable Brand

Terone Allen
Sep 7, 2022

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There are over 30,000 catering businesses in the US. That number has consistently grown for the past five years, meaning there is a ton of competition for your business to face. With so many options for customers, what will make your potential clients choose you?

Before you dive head first into the types of discounts and sales you can offer, you should know that competing on price is never the best answer

On the contrary, taking steps to building a strong brand will increase both your perceived value and your longevity with loyal customers.

5 Ways to Become a Memorable Brand

1. Revisit Your Beginnings

When starting your catering business, you had a vision for what you would do and who you would be. Then the real work began, and the day-to-day took over. After operating for a year or two, some things may have gotten misaligned, and it would be a great time to clarify your brand story

It wont hurt to take a step back and make sure the reason you started your business is still a part of your business. This includes your purpose, your ideal customer, your customer journey, and being sure all of these things are visible in the brand identity.     

Three people sitting at a table in a cafe with a laptop and notebooks. One person is taking notes while another is typing on the laptop. The overlay of words reads "Make sure the reason you started your business is still a part of your business."

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2. Focus on Your Specialty

Everyone has an x-factor that sets them apart from the rest. When it comes to the food you serve, not only should you identify what yours is, you should make it a major focus.  

When you have a specialty dish or flavor profile, making it a signature that can’t be matched by any competitor will elevate your brand

3. Make Your Website an Easy Sales Tool

Your website is not just another brochure or menu listing. It is a valuable sales tool you must take advantage of. When almost all consumers need to visit a website more than once before making a purchase, it’s vital that your website is worth making that second visit.

Your website should be easy to navigate, reflect your brand’s personality, and match the quality of the services you offer. Most importantly, it should be optimized for conversions. Whether your intake method is sending an email, making a phone call, or completing a form, it should be the obvious next step for your website visitors. 

And make sure they see that call-to-action often.

4. Use Your Vehicles to Carry Your Identity

Whether making deliveries or serving from your food truck, keeping your wheels aligned with your identity is one of the best ideas for upholding your brand image.

Not only is your vehicle your rolling billboard, it is the ambassador of your style. Long before you step out and greet your customers, it will be the first impression of your business as soon as you pull into the lot. Guarantee that it holds just as much quality as your food.

5. Eliminate the Competition

What’s the best way to get rid of your competition? Position yourself so there is no competition in the first place. When you are the only one that does what you do, you set yourself up to serve in a unique way that your customers can’t ignore. 

A table with a catering tower set up containing pasties, donuts, cupcakes, fruit, and a floral arrangement. The overlay of words reads, "Position yourself so there's no competition in the first place."

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Finding your unique position can be done by offering an exceptional level of service, producing signature dishes (see #2), incorporating tech services, or exploring creative marketing ideas

Being the only one doing it allows you to set the standard and forces your customers to always compare the copycats to your brand. That means when another catering service is mentioned, your name comes up. 

That’s the kind of memorable branding you should want. 

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