Our 3-Step Framework

Terone Allen
Sep 2, 2022

Photo by Austin Distel

Our proven branding framework is designed to address your business needs with strategic solutions. It consists of three phases called Pause, Play, and Record.

Here is the breakdown of what happens in each phase. 

1: Pause


We begin with an intense listening process. During this Strategy Session, we work with you to define your business goals, learn about your business and brand, and identify your customers and their needs. 

We will conduct exercises that help develop your brand’s audience profiles, attributes, value pyramid, brand statement, and brand essence. 

We then conduct research to determine an ideal strategy and positioning to engage with your customers and help you reach your desired business goals.

2: Play


Based on our Strategy Session and resulting research in the Pause phase, we explore concepts that focus on reaching your defined business goals. This phase includes concept, design, and production of all deliverables.

After reviewing what we have developed with you, we (you and our team) decide on the best approach, complete any necessary tweaks, and finalize the production.

This phase can include rounds of edits. We generally offer 2 rounds of edits with each deliverable, but more may be included depending on our agreement beforehand. 

3: Record


We deliver all products in their respective digital and physical forms as outlined in our initial agreement. Once we deliver the work, it's not over yet; we’re still very much involved. 

We follow-up, monitor, and survey the results to make sure we’ve hit our mark and helped you achieve the business goals defined in the Pause phase. 

If we haven’t, we adjust and redeliver at no additional cost to you. That's our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee at work right there!

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