Heal On the Mic experience (HOMexp)

Brand Strategy + Identity Design + Print & Digital Design + Cinematography


The Heal on the Mic experience (HOMexp) is a new event in the Atlanta Metro Area that provides space for women to share experiences, network, grow, and heal.


To develop brand positioning and visual identity that introduces HOMexp as a safe space to comfortably be open and interactive with the goals of raising awareness, attendance, funds, and sponsorship.


Discovery & Research
Brand Identity
Naming & Tagline
Brand Development
Logo Systems
Brand Messaging
Social Media Design
Print Collateral
Live-Action Marketing Videos
Web Design & Development


Based on our initial Strategy Session, six key brand attributes were determined to help develop the positioning and identity for HOMexp.

The key brand attributes are summed up into two words to develop the HOMexp brand identity. This identity acts as the guide for the brand’s direction.

HOMexp key brand attributes

Candle lit with overlaying words "HOMexp is Alignment Flourishing."


“Frequency” is a word that continued to come up during our Strategy session. There were three core references for using the word in our messaging:

  1. Considering the event will be dealing with the sensitive subject matter of trauma and healing, “frequency” was recognized as energy passed between people.
  2. With the venue being home to America’s first black-owned radio station, WERD Radio, “frequency” was thought of in terms of radio waves.
  3. As this is a recurring event, “frequency” was considered in terms of retaining attendees each month.

Using the word “frequency” in conjunction with the positioning of Alignment Flourishing, the tagline was presented:


Two audience profiles were developed to put a face, name, and personality to whom we are targeting with our design efforts.

The Current Audience Profile is based on currently targeted clients. The Future Audience Profile is based on future targeted clients.

Image of two current audience profile and future audience profile


The following Stylescapes and color palettes were developed for the Audience Profiles.

The Secondary Profile Stylescape was ultimately selected as the visual direction with a color combination that indicates safety and comfort while also representing feminine strength.


Heal On the Mic experience (HOMexp) logo

When developing the logo, something representative of “frequency” needed to be included due to our tagline and identity. A radio signal symbol within the O character was incorporated.

The “exp” of the name was shifted upward to allude to an uplifting, empowering experience when engaging with the HOMexp brand.

The shape of a house was built in the negative space between the E and X characters to symbolize the safe and home-like nature of the experience.


The Brand Film for HOMexp was developed to attract their target audience with the essence of spoken word and a calming, enticing vibe.

The visual combines live footage from their first three events with stock video. The two organizers were interviewed separately and their responses were spliced together to produce one cohesive message.

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Behind the Scenes

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 HOMexp digital mockup on phone, desktop, and laptop
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What they Said

— Denell Porche', Founder & Organizer

"Understanding the direction of my idea and the audience was feeling unattainable. I tend to have ideas with a broad vision, but Cater Verse supported the details which was very supportive for an upstart like myself. They felt reliable, and I felt heard. Now, I’m able to keep with the narrative and stick to the details of the vision."

— Denell Porche', Founder & Organizer